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Developing an Early Diagnostic Marker of Cancer

Supplying a Marker for Pathological Diagnosis of Cancer


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  2. Developing an Early Diagnostic Marker of Cancer
Development of diagnostic Markers to make early detection of cancer possible.
Contribution to the early detection and treatment of cancer


 Due to the progress of therapeutic technologies, cancer is now possible to cure if it could be detected earlier. However, a breakthrough is still needed for the early-diagnosis because there are still considerable cases where the early diagnosis is unsuccessful.

 Cancer cells produce various proteins for its own proliferation and survival.
When normal cells are attacked by cancer cells, the specific proteins are produced. Some of these proteins are decomposed to peptides that are released into bloodstream. These proteins and peptides can be the sign, or the "Marker" to decide if the person has cancer cells at an early stage.

 Link Genomics has founded the Research Centre for Proteome Analysis to establish the analytical technology of microproteins and peptides.
We now possess the technology that enables us to perform microanalysis with high sensitivity.
We can say our "Early Diagnostic Markers of Cancer" is on the way to fulfillment.

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