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Developing an Early Diagnostic Marker of Cancer
Supplying a Marker for Pathologic Diagnosis of Cancer

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  3. Supplying a Marker for Pathological Diagnosis of Cancer

Diagnostic markers to examine the state of individual case of cancer.
Contribution for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment


@We have our original database of the genetic information consisting of ca. 1,000 cases of cancer, which are analyzed comprehensively by using our own technology called "Whole Genome DNA Array" and the information on up-regulated or down-regulated proteins is analyzed by our "DRM assay( cell-level assay)" or "Lock-on assay( proteome assay)" technology.

@We also have the database on the electrical medical records of ca. 1,000 cases of cancer.

@One of the Link Genomicsf most valuable advantage is the strong partnership with numerous Japanese academic and clinical institutes, which enables us to possess many human specimens such as cellular textures, bloods, DNA, etc. Consequently, we are at the cutting edge of science such as molecular biology.

@The combined information of these databases makes Link Genomics capable to develop new methods for an accurate diagnosis of each state of cancer.

@Our goal is to contribute by this technology to realize the "order-made medicine" of cancer.

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